On many levels is sport very important to each and every one of us for a various number of reasons.

First of all sport and fitness is what helps us keep in shape and stay healthy which is key to living a long and happy life 6 Mar 2017 - The thought of writing an essay is one of the biggest challenges for students because they do not which topic is appropriate. However, students .

There are many benefits to being fit; first of all you will have much better health, and a better body image which in turn may help your self-esteem.

Another major importance to sport is that there are so many career opportunities in the athletic field such as: gym teacher, pro athlete, sports analysts, physiotherapist, personal trainer, and many more 1 Apr 2013 - Hello everybody i have problem with the essay about Gym, my teacher needs essay around three body ( the natatorium, the fitness center and .

Also sports can be used as a stress relief to just get away from it all and shoot some hoops or play pond hockey. From a personal level I have made many friends from playing rep hockey 4 times a week to pick up football on the weekends and many if not all of my friends I’ve met playing sports both Rep and High school.

On that note there are both positive and negative attributes of playing for your school or rep team. For school you get to play with you group of friends and represent your school, although it may not be the highest level of competition it’s great fun and a lot better than doing nothing.

With playing rep you get to diversify your friend group, hopefully play at a high level but it does consume your life with your sport not leaving much room for a job or school work. Whichever one you choose it doesn’t matter you’re getting out there and doing something your love to do.

To finish up I hope to be involved in sports as long as I possibly can even though I am not competing at a high level right now I hope still be playing hockey with my friends in college and after that still playing with them in a beer league somewhere, and after that possibly coach my kids sports teams as much as I can and showing them the “tricks of the trade” and isn’t that what it’s all about?We will write a custom essay sample on The Importance of Sport, Fitness, and Recreation specifically for you for only